Woodward Wines is the trading name of David Woodward, a Wine Merchant of 45 years

Catchpole & Co., is the brand name for wines that our family  (our eldest son and his wife, are also wine merchants that live in Stellenbosch)  have chosen or been involved in the production of, mainly in South Africa.


The Dragon is found as the “and ” in Catchpole & Co., and represents an ancient myth – that dragons guard hidden treasures. They are symbols of power, wisdom, and shrewdness, said to be the beasts that brought the rains crucial for winemaking.


The Catchpole & Co. dragon is your guarantee of quality and exclusivity.


Woodward Ridge specialises in the various grape types within that range of wines.

All food dishes created by Chef Craig Cormac


We specialise in selling our wines directly to you, the ultimate consumer. We do this by importing directly into our bonded warehouse – selling online or by telephone to our own private clientele, and delivering by nationwide courier to our clients’ homes or offices throughout the country. Prices may vary according to your actual geography.

We sell our wines by the case of 12 bottles - but are able to offer a mixed box of 2 different types - i.e. 6 bottles of 2 different types.

Delivery is usually within a few days but can be expedited if required.

why we do that

We conduct our business this way by evolution. At first we conducted private wine samplings at people’s homes and offices – but over time this has morphed into telephone sales and now online too.

Our family had 10 years in the USA – mostly in California (always in the wine trade) returning to the UK in 1988.

Our eldest, with his wife, sell wine in South Africa as Frogitt & Vonkel private wine merchants.

Consequently, over the years, we have become friends with many people in the wine making business and we bring those 45 years worth of connections to you, our own private clients. You told us what you want, and the price range it should be in, both for regular consumption and for special occasions.


Price is always a factor, and naturally when a consumer is considering purchasing some wine without the direct knowledge of how it tastes, one is careful – nobody wants to be disappointed. This is where Catchpole & Co. figure in the equation; that is your guarantee of quality – so much so that if you are not delighted, one way or another (even the world’s most expensive wines manage to differ slightly now and then), we will return your money without delay.

Never drink a bad or disappointing bottle of wine – just let us know and we will exchange or credit as you may wish. You may order without risk.

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