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David Woodward, the man behind Woodward Wines, has been a wine merchant for the last 45 years, and in that long career, he’s had the opportunity to travel the world in search of the best wines to import to his customers. In all that time, he never found wines he loved more than those made in South Africa, which is why we’re dedicated to bringing boutique wines and small-batch wines from South Africa to your door!

All of our wines have been specifically chosen by David and his sons, or were made with his assistance, so you can be sure that every bottle has been crafted under the expert eye of a seasoned wine merchant.

Trading under the name Catchpole & Co. alongside his son who is his national wine merchant serving the whole of South Africa from their Stellenbosch headquarters, they took the symbol of the dragon as the “and” in their logo. Dragons famously guard hidden treasures, after all!

Since then, that dragon has been the guarantee of quality and exclusivity – when you see it on a bottle of wine, you know that you’re getting something beautiful and unique.


All food dishes created by Chef Craig Cormac



We specialise in selling our small batch wines and imported wines directly to you.. We do this by selling online (through this website) or over the phone, and delivering directly to your door via nationwide courier – so wherever you are in the UK, you can order here and you’ll be popping open a bottle in just a couple of days!

We sell all of our wines by the case, which makes them perfect for gifts to friends or for getting a few bottles of your favourites on the rack to make sure you’re never run out over dinner! If you’d like, you can also order a mixed box of two wine types, giving you six of each for a little more versatility and variety.

why Buy Imported Wines From Woodward Wines? 

When considering a new type of wine, unless you have direct knowledge of how it tastes, it pays to be careful – nobody wants to be disappointed!


This is where Woodward Wines and Catchpole & Co. come into the equation; as we mentioned up above, when you see the Catchpole & Co. dragon logo, you know that bottle of wine comes with a guarantee of quality.

In fact, we’re so confident in our guarantee, that if you aren’t delighted for any reason, we’ll refund you completely without delay.

Never drink a bad bottle of wine with Woodward Wines and Catchpole & Co!

You can browse our selection here, or call us today to speak to an experienced expert who’ll be happy to talk through exactly what you’re looking for and pair you up with your dream wine!

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