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Les Salices Sauvignon Blanc

Good morning. David Woodward, wine merchant of 45 years.

This morning, I've got something a little bit special for everybody. From the Carcassonne region of Southern France. We have a limited edition Les Salices Sauvignon Blanc. It's a clean, crisp, dry Sauvignon that's great for any time.

Usually in the Woodward household, sometimes around four o'clock, a little bell rings and it's Sauvignon Blanc time. Today it's a little earlier, but we're going to taste Les Salices 2019. It's very clean, very crisp, lovely and dry. Not at all acidic but beautifully crisp and dry. Lovely green meniscus, young, easy drinking white wine.

You can drink a wine like this with your friends. Great conversation with your wife. Your girlfriend. People that you want to hang out with. This is one of those wines that's great to share.

You haven't got to keep it only for food, although there surely will be foods that the wine will lend itself to being perfect with. But here we are, Les Salices Sauvignon Blanc 2019. It's actually our best-selling white wine. We recommend it highly to you.

Beautiful. Crisp, goosegog on the nose. Clean, beautiful wine lovely meniscus. Lovely legs coming down the side showing good velocity. Very, very, very easy to drink.

We recommend, you find this wine on our website: You can shop 24 hours nationwide delivery.




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